Client Brief

Maintenance: Eight hours a month
Type of design: Modern
Seating area: Sits 8-12
Lawn: Natural lawn
Features: A water feature, lighting and topiary

Notes: “We like the rolling Surrey countryside to the back of the garden and we don’t want to separate ourselves from our surroundings. The design must have a ‘wow’ factor that fits in with the house. We like topiary plants like hedges.”


A garden in an area of such natural beauty must be sympathetically designed; otherwise, the garden will look out of place.

When such a modern garden is required, we begin closest to the house, keeping the design in that area extremely modern, and look to temper the design towards the back of the garden. That transition is created by using features such as the circular stepping-stone feature, which is both contemporary and soft.

The garden design is built around three features. First is a shallow pebble pool to the front left, where the water is only 10cm deep, meaning the stones can be seen clearly just below the surface. Second, a stepping-stone circle with a sculpture at the centre. The sculpture and stepping-stone walkway create a soft separation between the water feature mentioned above and the swimming pool at the top of the garden. It was important to make the pool a little less conspicuous, so we used lots of plants such as Hebes and Viburnums, providing a low-growing screen of green. on the right-hand side of the garden is a cube-like summerhouse. Its sharp, contemporary 90-degree angles and lines complement the style and shape of the design, whilst the wood finish connects the structure to its natural surroundings.


We floodlit the surrounding trees. Floodlights are far brighter than spotlights. They each provide 150 watts of light, easily allowing us to illuminate the canopy.

In such a large garden, it’s important to space the lights out more generously than you might in a small garden. We have placed 20 spotlights that pick out feature plants and four spotlights on the main features, such as the water features, the sculpture and the summer house.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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