Client Brief

Maintenance: Eight hours
Type of design: Traditional
Seating area: Sits six
Lawn: Natural
Features: Soft and delicate

Notes: “I am more drawn to traditional gardens with a wealth of flowers and textures in smooth, flowing borders. The garden must have a few pockets, including one for a lounge area and another for breakfast in the morning.

A water feature is a must, but it should not be the main focal point and take anything away from the plants. I do like structures, although I’m not sure where this should go. The seating areas should be in the shade. I do not like being in the sun.”


Soft, curved gardens can be delightful with their gently ebbing contours taking you on a visual journey through the landscape. Such shapely gardens are especially helpful when dealing with a garden layout that is not a standard shape. Each curve is drawn out so it fits into the corners, creating well-balanced borders that are big enough but not so large that they add an unnecessary burden of maintenance.

We designed the garden to be in keeping with the required traditional style. We provided lots of colours but wanted to keep the overall look as calming as possible, with each plant working together to create a feature as opposed to using feature plants. The planting works together, making the garden as a whole the feature as opposed to having features within the garden.

As the client does not like sitting out in the sun, we planted pleached trees around the periphery of the main seating area, creating a cool shaded area to relax in. We also screened the breakfast area from the sun with a rarer type of tree called a tabletop tree. Its foliage sits on top of the stem like a flat cube.


We opted to emphasise the lovely curves by lighting along the edge of the lawn where it meets the border. At night, from the main seating area, the garden opens out, creating an illusion that the garden is much bigger than it actually is. 

We used spotlights to emphasise the structural planting, including the pleached trees and the tabletop trees, which look especially spectacular. We placed spotlights in key positions to light up specific evergreen shrubs, meaning even in the winter the garden will look fantastic at night.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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