Client Brief

Maintenance: 7 hours a month
Type of design: Formal
Seating area: Sits 8
Lawn: Natural
Features: Water feature and swimming pool

Notes: “We want a garden that has both curves and straight lines. Gardens that have just straight lines feel too square and wavy curves feel too undesigned. Traditional Victorian gardens are very much our preference, with a splash of colour using roses.

We also want a long pergola and to feel in some way connected to a Greek style. We know this is a mishmash, which is why we need help.”


Mixing a Greek-themed garden with a Victorian garden, as well as using straight lines and curves, was a challenging brief. We split the garden into a number of areas, with . As the back area of the garden got the most sun, we placed the lounge area and seating there.

A water feature grabs your attention, leading up to a classic-style bird bath. Low-level hedging splits the central lawn area and creates a Victorian theme. We placed colourful roses on the left of the garden in order to use the area under the hedge. The row of roses creates a lovely walkway.

The garden provides lots of space for entertaining with a fireplace and lounge area underneath a pergola. The main dining area is to the left of the garden, next to the barbecue area, which is tucked away on the left-hand side at the back. We’ve designed a swimming pool with lots of surrounding space for play or seating around it. The pool area uses the natural lie of the land and turns a large mound of soil into an attractive raised area.


With the back of the garden being the main entertaining area, we needed to use more lights than would be the norm because we needed to both light this space and entice you to the back of the garden at night. We lit the surrounding hedges with up lights, which provide a gentle elegant glow.

We used bollard lights in the central Victorian garden to both light it and provide a clear avenue to the back of the garden.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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