Client Brief

Maintenance: Eight hours a month
Type of design: Modern
Seating area: Sits 8-12
Lawn: Artificial grass
Features: A water feature, lighting and a slope

Notes: “The garden needs to look like a showpiece. We want a summer house at the back, on the left-hand side and a large central lawn. We like straight lines and we want bright white or light-grey paving. The back slope needs to fit in with the straight lines. We don’t want to see lots of wall at the back, so they must be hidden.”


We designed a garden with a large central square lawn frame made with an off-grey porcelain stone, allowing the lawn to stand out as the main feature of the garden. With the garden being wider at the front than the back, it was important to use lines that ran parallel to the house and at 90 degrees from the house to minimise the negative effect of the tapering perimeter.

To resolve the issue of the slope, we terraced it with small hedges. Each hedge creates a modular, stepped effect, resolving the height change.

The garden has two main feature sites to the right and left. On the right is a water feature that is mainly seen from the secondary patio on the right-hand side. The feature on the right is a black pergola that houses a more contemporary seating area below.

A summer house is hidden from view at the back of the garden on its left-hand side. For access, we designed a stepping-stone walkway running through the centre of a water feature, creating a very dramatic journey.


When a garden has so many features and feature plants, there are many lighting options. First, we look at the garden and discuss what atmosphere the client would like to create at night. Would they like to focus on vegetation, lighting the plants, or focus on structures, lighting the water features, the pergola, the summer house and the formed plants, such as small hedges and balls?

We opted to light both, concentrating mainly on the structures. This creates more of a wow factor and compliments what is a very modern garden. As it is such a big garden, we opted to use very bright lights so the lit features can be seen clearly from the house.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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