Client Brief

Maintenance: 0.5 days per month
Type of design: Mixed style; no real preference
Seating area: Sits 12
Lawn: No lawn
Features: An infinity swimming pool

Notes: “I don’t want any lawn. Instead, I want to pave most of the garden. It will be a lifestyle garden, so I want lots of areas for different seating and maybe a fire pit. I don’t like flowers and I’m mainly in the UK in the winter, so plants must be evergreen.” 


We split up the garden into zones and planted around most of the zones to hide the furniture. This separation creates a theme and defines each area so that each feels like a separate space rather than having one big patio with furniture lined up.

At the back of the garden, we hid a further seating area by sinking it into the ground, with the seats surrounding a fire pit. A leading curved pathway takes you through a border, again zoning the areas.

As per the brief, we used no flowers, only evergreen shrubs. These shrubs provide a mixture of forms amongst plants with no real form. We did not want the garden to feel too defined, which is why we mainly used plants with no form.

A stepping-stone pathway runs through the back of the garden. It’s a good way of creating a very different look and feel. A garden should look and feel very different depending on where you are standing.


When a garden is split into zones, there should be more lights around those areas and just a few lights in between, connecting them together.

We placed inset lights running in front of the water feature, in line with the middle of the pathway. We did this to elongate the pathway and connect the patio to the pathway.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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