Client Brief

Maintenance: 1.5 days per month
Type of design: Contemporary layout with soft planting
Seating area: Sits 12
Lawn: Artificial grass
Features: A pergola and raised white rendered walls

Notes: “We want a modern garden layout that is softened with the planting. It must have a square effect with lots of lovely white rendered walls. We are gardeners, so as much work as possible for the borders please and cover the soil with a membrane before planting.”


The contemporary layout of the garden acts as a pathway. It frames the large lawns, creating a modular effect. We broke the garden up into three areas, with the first being a modern seating area with an outdoor kitchen and lawn framed with calibrated granite stone. This perfectly honed grey stone provides a contrast with the lushness of the grass.

The second section of the garden is a play area for the children, with a border surrounding the play area planted with hardy plants.

The third section of the garden has stepping stones leading to a relaxation area with seating contained within a modern black pergola. The structure offers a sense of comfort due to the illusion that it confines the seating area.

Raised rendered walls separate the lawn areas and further enhance the modern style.

The bold design needed to be softened. The almost cottage-style borders with lots of colours and different textures soften the angular nature of the design. We used a Sedum spectabile as a main feature in the borders. Its bright red flowers act to draw your attention away from the structures.


The bamboos in the raised borders are great plants to light. The way the light bounces off their lush green foliage is very striking. To avoid having only the modern areas lit, we placed 14 lights around the periphery of the garden.

The lights in the back border are brighter than the lights running on the left and right to create a night-time crescendo.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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