Client Brief

Maintenance: Three hours per month
Type of design: Rectangular
Seating area: Sits eight
Lawn: Natural
Features: A pergola and rendered walls

Notes: “The design needs to be sharp and create a visual impression while also being practical for our family. We want a separate seating area with a fire pit. The garden must have a hidden pathway and stepping stones and must use a range of materials.”


We designed the garden to utilise and make a feature of its length. We broke up the lawn to make the garden feel bigger. A pergola over the seating areas creates an area that feels cosy. When designing a paved area in the middle of the garden, it’s important to make a strong statement and add items to it to make it a feature.

When including such a defining feature as a pathway running through the centre of the garden, it’s important to use a more natural material, like gravel or slate chippings. Having a hard surface, such as paving, would create a harsh backdrop.

The planting on the left and right is very soft and textured. Instead of planting the flowers in threes and fives, we planted them in blocks. Large blocks create a cube of flowers, which further enhances the modular nature of the design.


To make the seating area feel like part of the garden lighting display, we included inset lights in the stepping stones. This creates a line of lights, making the seating area feel like it is enclosed by lights.

We placed twelve spotlights around the perimeter of the garden and lit the water feature on the right-hand side.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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