Client Brief

Maintenance: 14 hours
Type of design: Mixed styles, including contemporary, modern and traditional
Seating area: Sits 8
Lawn: Natural
Features: Bold

Notes: “The garden should be broken up with a large seating area in front of the house. We prefer straight lines as opposed to curves. We would like a pergola somewhere. The planting should be full, with lots of colours.

We have two children, so we need a place hidden from the main house where they can kick a ball. The garden must be multifunctional with a barbecue and a fireplace.”


A central patio with a central pergola splits the garden up. To avoid the patio taking centre stage, we’ve placed a water feature at the front. It’s 90cm away from the border, therefore creating a pathway to get to the seating area. In large gardens, there should always be a transition from one area to another.

A large Victorian border sits to the right of the garden, delicately placed to the side of the main garden. We followed the garden design principle that in a wide garden, features should be placed in the corners to bring life to what can easily become dark, forgotten areas.

The planting in the central areas is very formal, with a small Ilex hedge (a replacement for the box, which, due to a country-wide caterpillar invasion, we cannot use anymore) and block planting in between the box hedges. The planting around the periphery of the garden is much softer and in line with the brief, providing a bright lush display.

In large gardens, you need to frame areas with trees. They provide a focal point from the upper bedroom windows and bringing foliage into the line of sight connects you to nature as opposed to having to look down on the vegetation, which can disconnect you from your garden.


Low-level planting requires downlighters such as bollards. A bollard light is a two-foot stainless steel pillar with a light at the top. This light shines on the ground below, adding an attractive gentle glow.

Less is often more, and this is certainly the case when it comes to lighting a garden, which is why we used the lights sparingly. We didn’t want the bollard lighting to form the centrepiece of the lighting display, so we also used spotlights to light up the perimeter, highlighting the generous dimensions of the garden.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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