Client Brief

Maintenance: Four hours
Type of design: Traditional and modern
Seating area: Sits three
Lawn: Natural
Features: Frames and straight lines

Notes: “The garden feels so small and enclosed. We want to make it feel much more spacious. The back of the garden gets the sun, so the seating must go there. We like modern styles but also softer planting. Is it possible to have both?

We work long hours in the city, so it must be a low-maintenance garden. Astroturf would be our choice for the lawn. We’d like the garden to be split up, but again, we’re not sure if the garden is too small to do this.”


We split the garden into rooms, creating a visual journey from right to left to right. This visual journey triangulating across the garden makes it feel much bigger, especially when combined with breaking the lawns into segments and adding a textured small block as the entry point.

Framing the lawn further enhances the division of the space and keeps the maintenance down as it keeps any debris in the borders, away from the lawn area. The larger of the lawns has been placed nearest the house so that when you open the patio doors, you are greeted by a large open space.

With the garden being so geometric, we added soft plants that spread over the lawn areas to break it up and make the garden feel lush and densely planted even though there’s actually a minimal number of plants to keep the maintenance down.

We incorporated a cosy seating area for three to five people at the back of the garden, using a modular modern style to complement the square modular lawns.


While lighting small gardens is a lot less challenging than lighting big gardens, it’s still important to get the balance right. Using too many lights in a small garden can make it feel so bright that you might as well just stick a large flood light on the wall. We picked out the feature shrubs around the periphery of the garden and used a few bollard lights to emphasise the offset entry points to each lawn area.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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