Client Brief

Maintenance: One to two hours a month
Type of design: Modern
Seating area: Sits four to six
Lawn: Artificial grass
Features: A water feature, lighting and topiary

Notes: “The new garden must provide a unique and elegant design. The garden design should enhance the design and style of the house. The house is Victorian, so we need something structured and not too flowery. We want the garden to be evergreen, with tones of blue and white.”


In a small garden, every centimetre of space is important. Fortunately, we had a nice rendered wall to work with. In most gardens, we would heavily plant to hide a fence, but we decided to make a feature of the wall by not planting in front of it. Instead, we just added an Ilex hedge below the pleached trees.

Gardens have always been a symbiosis, and there’s no better way than bringing such old styles into the modern age by using a contemporary stone. We used a rich-coloured and elegant textured mid-grey granite paving stone for the pathway and patio areas. This gentle grey hue complements and emphasises the greens of the plants.

Every garden needs a primary feature. The Victorians liked water features as they added a level of decadence. In order for us to design an authentic Victorian Garden, we designed a rendered pillar with three bronze-like spouts. The water falls into a reservoir, which contains a pump that recycles the water. To temper the water feature and prevent it from being too prominent and overpowering the garden, we placed hedges on either side, making sure the height of the vegetation was double that of the water feature.


When lighting a Victorian garden, you are spoilt for choice. We decided to layer the lighting, which involved using different shades of white light. We used a bright white for the pleached trees and water feature and a soft white for the hedge planting. The soft white provides a subtle, gentle glow, while the bright white has a more direct impact.

The bollard lights, which are the lights coming out of the box hedge, are small and narrow to minimise their impact during the day. We opted for stainless steel as materials should be grouped together in pairs ‒ this pair being the steel bollard lights and the contemporary grey granite pathway.

3D Gallery

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Plans & Planting Plan

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